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These fittings allow for a quick, simple insertion of the tube, considerably reducing installation time: simply loosen the nut (without removing it), and insert the pipe. the specifications of the PP compression fittings are complete, which can meet the needs of different construction sites.

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We has more than ten years of experience in the production and export of plastic valve/pipe fittings. with the development of the company, we have added our production machines, production technology and production procedures, greatly improving our production efficiency and greatly quick delivery time .If you are interested in our factory, welcome to visit our factory in China. The entire production process, from product conception to delivery to the customer, guarantee the highest quality and to minimize errors.


Product Description

SIZE D1 D2 d1 d2 L W
Φ25X20X25 52 46 26 21 140 94
Φ32X25X32 63 52 33 26 156 105
Φ40X32X40 74 63 41 33 204 136
Φ50X40X50 85 74 51 41 228 149
Φ63X50X63 105 85 64 51 261 180
Φ75*63*75 118 105 76 64 300 198
Φ90*75*90 145 118 91 76 387 228
Φ110*90*110 163 145 111 91 420 277

Product Detail

1、Polypropylene with dye master of high stability to UV rays and solidity to heat
2、Heterophasic block polypropylene(PP-B) for exceptional mechanical properties even athigh temperature
3、Lock the pipe


Working Pressures:
Allows the maximum working pressure(PN-PFA")OF 16 bar(UNl 9561-2)for diameters from 16 to 63 and PN 10 for diameters from 75 to 110, at the temperature of 20℃ . Maximum allowable working pressures related to the duration of pressure and temperature.

S/N part material pressure
A nut PP PN16(20MM-63MM)   PN10(75MM-110MM)
B chinching ring POM
C blocking nut PP
D O-ring NBR
E body PP

Polypropylene with dye master of high stability to UV rays and solidity to heat.
B-Clinching ring
Polyacetal resin(POM) of high mechanical resistance and hardness.
C-Blocking bush
D-O Ring gasket
Special elastomeric acrylonitrile rubber(NBR) for alimentary use.
Heterophasic block polypropylene(PP-B) for exceptional mechanical properties even at high temperature.

process of flowsheet

Production process diagram of plastic pipe fittings2





Why choose us

1. Regarding our goods, they are all made of high-quality environmentally friendly materials.

2. Concerning the MOQ, we can adjust it according to your specific requirement.

3. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to email me or chat with me at your convenience.

4. To ensure high quality, we use premium materials and have established a strict quality control system. We also assign dedicated individuals for each step of the production process, from purchasing raw materials to packaging.

5. In our mold workshop, we can create customized models based on the quantity needed.

6. We take pride in offering the best service possible. Our experienced sales team is ready to assist you.

7. We strive to meet the individual requirements of each customer by providing impeccable service and delivering stable quality products. We warmly welcome customers from around the world to visit us and explore opportunities for collaboration to develop new markets and create a brilliant future together.

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