Not simple plastic ball valve

The ball valve is usually called the simplest valve, but do you really know? It has the effect of rotating 90 degrees. The plug is a sphere with a round hole or channel through its axis. In my country, ball valves are widely used in oil refining, long -term pipelines, chemical industry, paper, pharmaceutical, water conservancy, electricity, municipal, steel and other industries, occupying an important position in the national economy. This article mainly introduces some characteristics and installation construction points of the plastic ball valve.

Basic performance
The plastic ball valve is mainly used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline, and special forms can be used for fluid regulation and control. Compared with other valves, the ball valve has the characteristics of simple structure, small volume, light weight, small material consumption, small installation size, fast switch, 90 ° to re -rotation, small driving moment, and other characteristics. It has good fluid control characteristics and closed sealing performance.

In recent years, in accordance with the requirements of other industries in different industries, a variety of plastic valves have been developed, which has excellent performance. Taking the UPVC ball valve as an example, compared with the metal ball valve, the valve body weight, strong corrosion resistance, compact and beautiful appearance, light weight, convenient installation, strong corrosion resistance, wide range of applicable range, material hygiene and non -toxic, wear resistance, easy to wear, easy Solid and use it for easy maintenance. In addition to UPVC plastic materials, the plastic ball valve also has FRPP, PVDF, PPH, CPVC, etc. Its structures mainly include inheritance, spiral flang, etc. Our company has a variety of forms and specifications to choose from.


Construction installation points: 1. The location, height, and direction of the import and export must meet the design requirements, and the connection is firm and tight. 2. Various manual valve handles installed on the thermal insulation pipe must not be downward. three. Depending on the design requirements of the pipeline, the pads are installed between valve flange and pipeline flange. Four. Before the valve is installed, it must be observed to confirm whether the manufacturer has undergone pressure tests.

The plastic ball valve is used as an overall ball valve, with less leakage points, high strength, and easy to connect the ball valve to install and disassemble. Installation and use of the ball valve: When the flanges ends are connected to the pipeline, the bolt should be tightened evenly to prevent the flange deformation and leakage. Turn the handle clockwise to turn off, otherwise it will be opened. Ordinary ball valves can only be used for cutting and streaming, and cannot be used for traffic adjustment. The liquid containing hard particles is easy to scratch the surface of the ball. Here, we need to explain why ordinary ball valves are not suitable for traffic adjustment, because if the valve is in a semi -open state for a long time, the service life of the valve will be reduced. The reason is as follows: 1. Valve sealing can be damaged. The ball will be damaged; 3. The flow adjustment is inaccurate. If the pipeline is a high -temperature pipe, it is easy to cause eccentricity.

Post time: Apr-14-2023