Analysis of common technical issues of plastic pipe pipelines

Common technical problems:
First, PVC-U gives water pipes and parts.
After a period of time, the adhesive connection parts have broken, seeping, and leakage of pipes after a period of time.

(1) The tube card installation is unstable, and the installation distance of the tube card does not meet the requirements of the installation specifications. It should be reinforced or reinstalled according to the specifications.
(2) The compulsory connection during the installation process makes the stress concentrated at the pipeline connection of the pipe network, and the stress concentration should be avoided during construction.
(3) The water pressure is suddenly too high, and there should be a voltage pressure device in the pipeline.
(4) The phenomenon of the air hammer and water hammer when the pipe network is stopped after stopping the water.
(5) Pipelines are used by external forces.

★ Measures to prevent water hammers
Because the opening of the pump, the stopped pump, and the switching valve is too fast, the speed of the water changes sharply, especially the water hammer caused by the sudden stopping pump can destroy the pipeline, pump, valve, and cause the pumps to reverse, the pressure of the pipe network is reduced, etc. Therefore, the occurrence of water prevention hammer is extremely important. Usually the measures to prevent water hammer are mainly the following methods:
1. The water hammer caused by the switch valve is too fast
(1) Extend the time for opening valves and valve closes,
(2) The centrifugal pump and mixed flow pump should not stop the pump when the valve is closed by 15%to 30%.
2. Water hammer caused by opening and stopping pumps
(1) Eliminate the air in the pipeline, and then open the pump after the pipeline is filled with water. An automatic exhaust valve should be provided with the high -rise part of the long -distance water pipeline.
(2) Pumping water hammers are mainly caused by the shutdown valve of the water outlet pipeline. Therefore, the cancellation of the return valve can eliminate the hazards of the stopped pump water hammer, and can reduce the loss of water head and save power. At present, after some large cities, there are some large cities. Experiments, artificial first -level pump rooms can be canceled, and second -level pump rooms are not easy to cancel; when the stop valve is canceled, the pressure calculation of the pump water hammer should be performed. Close the return valve.
(3) The buffer stop valve and micro -closed butterfly valve are installed on a large -caliber water pump outlet pipe, which can effectively eliminate the stopped pump water hammer.
(4) Stop back valve and install water hammer eliminations in its downstream.


Water seepage at the outer pipeline and pipeline joints
1. If the glue or glue is too little, the glue should be applied properly according to the specifications;
2. Facking corner of the pipelines;
3. If the insertion is not in place, the inheritance must be in place;
4. The pipeline sockets and pipelines have oil stains, water and other substances, water, and pipeline bonding parts must be wiped;
★ Recommended procedures for PVC solvent -based adhesive adhesive pipe materials and pipe parts
★ Due to water temperature or temperature change, the length of its telescopic can be

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