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Why You Should Choose Plastic Ball Valves For Brewing?


There is no better choice than plastic ball valve for b […]

There is no better choice than plastic ball valve for brewing. We say this because of the superb properties of plastic that are required for sanitary operations. Before we move on to the benefits of using these ball valves for home brewing, let us help you understand the function of ball valves. You may have noticed the valves on your brewing equipment that allows you to control the flow of fluid. These are ball valves, but they are not necessarily made of stainless steel.

Why do we recommend using plastic for brewing ball valves? This is because the material inside the ball valves comes into direct contact with the ingredients in your brew. Using other materials, such as brass or bronze, leaves behind a metallic taste to the beer. On the other hand, plastic ball valves such as those made of PVC, cannot endure such high temperatures, and may melt and weaken. This is a health hazard. Therefore, the most sensible choice remaining is stainless steel. It is a metal alloy that is resistant to high temperatures and pressure. It will also ensure that your beer tastes just the way you want it - by not interfering with the taste of the beer itself.

Now, that you are aware of the essential reasons behind using stainless steel, let us take a look at some additional important aspects that make it the perfect choice for ball valves. Stainless steel is known to be 'hygienic'. It does not absorb dust and other particles which allow it to remain clean, even when the brewing equipment is not in use. Additionally, it is also easier to clean and maintain. Finally, stainless steel ball valves are a more economical option in terms of both the cost of purchasing as well as servicing costs. One ball valves can last for several years of brewing without wearing out.

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