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Why Do We Recommend PP Compression Fitting?


1. Low cost and long service life. Compared with the me […]

1. Low cost and long service life. Compared with the metal pipeline, the project investment can be reduced by about 1 / 3, and under the specified service conditions, it will be more than 50 years

2. The pp compression fitting is mainly used in high-pressure liquid pipeline, widely used in water flow transmission, drinking water, home gardening, public green space, garden gardening, agricultural production, and hydraulic industry. The product can be widely used in the connection of various water pipes, with remarkable mechanical properties and quality in line with international advanced standards.

3. PP compressiong fitting enough rigidity to withstand internal and external pressure; its unique flexibility enables it to be bent and laid. In engineering, it can bypass obstacles by changing the pipeline direction, reduce the consumption of pipe fittings, and reduce the installation cost.

4. Resistant to chemical corrosion, resistant to various chemical media without electrochemical corrosion.

5. Good sanitary performance, no heavy metal salt stabilizer, non-toxic material, no scaling layer, no bacteria, avoid secondary pollution of drinking water.

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