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What To Do if Pe Fitting is Frozen?


For the pe fitting, faucets or water meters that have b […]

For the pe fitting, faucets or water meters that have been frozen, do not bake them with fire or knock them with hard objects. Only use hot towel, warm water and other methods to defrost them. Do not pour boiling water, or bake them with open fire or knock them with metal instruments.

After the pe fitting is frozen, the valves in front of the meter and in the room shall be closed, and the faucet shall be slightly unscrewed, so as to eliminate the pressure in the pipe caused by the expansion of the frozen volume of water and avoid the cracking of thepe fitting.

Method 1: Sprinkle pe fitting with hot water
First, wrap the frozen place with cotton and linen fabric, then sprinkle it with hot water to thaw it slowly. In the process of watering, it is best to use the method of interval watering, so as to make full use of the heat of hot water to melt the frozen pe fitting.

Method 2: blow PVC pipe with electric blower
If the pe fitting you use is slightly frozen, you can use a hair blowing hair dryer. When you blow it, you should not blow it to a place, but blow it up and down, so as to defrost the water pipe.

Method 3: cover PVC pipe with hot towel
If your pe fitting is frozen in a small area, you can try to heat the towel with hot water and cover the water pipe. Use the heat of the towel to make the ice in the water pipe melt.

Method 4: increase indoor temperature
If only part of the pe fitting is frozen in the room, a furnace can be placed in the room to raise the indoor temperature; or a blowtorch can be used to heat the wall with water pipe to raise the temperature of the wall.

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