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Two Basic Forms Of PP Fitting


The basic use of a pipe fitting is to connect bores of […]

The basic use of a pipe fitting is to connect bores of two (or multiple) pipes or tubes to a distinct apparatus. Stainless steel pipe fittings manufacturers in India also recommend another usage for pipe fittings, i.e. as a fluid flow and control regulatory device. Pipe fittings can also be used to close and seal any pipe.

pp fitting Can Be Bought In Two Forms

Open our product catalogue. You will see that we offer pipe fittings in two forms, i.e. male and female fittings. What is the difference?

Female threads are used on the inside of threaded pipe fittings while male threads are outfitted on the outside. Pipe fittings typically have one female end with the other being male. These are known as street fittings. You can use pipe fittings to connect pipes and tubes in the following ways:

By Threading
In this method, threaded (metal) pipes are screwed together to connect with standard fittings and pipes.

By Slip-fit
These pipes are designed with sleeves that help slip one pipe easily into another tube fitting.

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