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The Ultimate Guide of Stainless Steel PP Fitting


The role of pp fitting to aid the system of transferrin […]

The role of pp fitting to aid the system of transferring liquids and other products around a plant facility or system. Pipe Fittings connect bored of two or more pipes or tubes to other separate equipment.

What is the role of the Pipe Fitting?
Stainless steel Pipe fittings are the ideal choice for those in the industrial and commercial sectors who need a pipe fitting that will hold up to the job. Pipe fittings can also be used to seal or close any pipe.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings
Stainless steel pipe fittings have replaced brass fittings and it is not hard to see why. Stainless steel has a high corrosion resistance not to mention that the steel possesses a self-repairing ability due to the formation of a passive oxide film. Stainless steel pipes offer long lasting resistance to oxidation and corrosion due to this. Furthermore, as stainless steel fittings are non-toxic, stain resistant, easy to clean and are long lasting, this makes them critical for the food and pharmaceutical industry. In addition to this the high corrosive resistance coupled with its ability to withstand high pressure makes it an ideal component in the building and construction industries.

Challenges of Stainless Steel Pipes
While the benefits of stainless steel make it an ideal material to work with, there are some disadvantages that are worth considering. Firstly, stainless steel hardens as you work with it. And secondly, stainless steel pipes and tubing need to remain sterile while the system is being constructed. Both of these issues make it harder for engineers to work with, as bending the pipes will cause it to harden, so accuracy is a must. Maintaining a sterile system means that any tools being used to cut or bend the pipe must be clean and safe so as to avoid any potential issues down the line. This is especially important if the piping is to be used for drinking water, as any contamination of the pipe can lead to health issues arising.

How to choose your Pipe Fitting
There is a variety of different pipe fittings which can make it to purchase the most suitable fitting for the job. Firstly, identifying the connection type, whether it be male or female threaded. Female threads are used on the inside of the pipe whereas male fittings have the thread on the outside.

Secondly, pipe fittings can be designed with sleeves that are slip-fit. This means that the pipes slip together to form a secure connection.

While there are many different materials that pipe fittings are made from, many recommend using a fitting that is made from the same material that the pipe is made of. Other important considerations to consider are:

Fitting type
Check for flow
Standards and codes

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