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The Main Raw Materials and Characteristics of PP Fitting


The pp fitting is made of polyethylene as the main raw […]

The pp fitting is made of polyethylene as the main raw material, adding antioxidants, carbon black and coloring materials. It is characterized by low density, high specific strength, good low temperature resistance and toughness, and the embrittlement temperature can reach -80℃.

PP fitting can be processed and formed by a variety of methods to make films, sheets, pipes, profiles and other products; and it is convenient for cutting, bonding and "welding" processing. Plastics are easy to color and can be made into various bright colors; they can also be processed by printing, electroplating, printing and embossing, so that the plastic has a rich decorative effect.

Most plastics have stronger corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis, salts, etc. than metal materials and some inorganic materials. They are especially suitable for doors, windows, floors, walls, etc. of chemical plants; thermoplastics can be dissolved by some organic solvents, while thermosetting plastics are It cannot be dissolved, only a certain amount of swelling may occur. Plastics also have good corrosion resistance to environmental water, with low water absorption, and can be widely used in waterproof and moisture-proof projects.

The heat resistance of PP fitting is generally not high, and it tends to soften and deform, even decompose and deteriorate when subjected to load at high temperature. The heat distortion temperature of ordinary thermoplastics is 60-120℃, and only a few varieties can be used for a long time at about 200℃ . Some plastics are easy to catch fire or burn slowly, and will produce a large amount of toxic smoke when burning, causing casualties when buildings catch fire. The coefficient of linear expansion of plastics is larger, 3-10 times larger than that of metals. Therefore, the temperature deformation is large, and the material is easily damaged due to the accumulation of thermal stress.

Because of its excellent low-temperature performance and toughness, it can resist vehicle and mechanical vibration, freeze-thaw effects, and sudden pressure changes. Therefore, coiled tubing can be used for insertion or plough-buried construction, which is convenient for construction and low engineering costs; The wall is smooth, the flow resistance of the medium is small, the energy consumption of the conveying medium is low, and it is not chemically corroded by the liquid hydrocarbon in the conveying medium. Medium and high density PP fittings are suitable for city gas and natural gas pipelines. Low-density PP fitting are suitable for use as drinking water pipes, cable conduits, agricultural spraying pipes, and pumping station pipes. PP fitting can also be used in water supply, drainage pipes and air pipes in the mining industry.

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