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The Benefits Of PP Compression Fitting


The pp compression fitting is used to join copper pipin […]

The pp compression fitting is used to join copper piping together for water and gas systems that provide a watertight seal between two pipes or a pipe. Consisting of three parts, (fitting nut, olive and a coupling/valve) the diagram below shows the order in how the three parts should be installed. For good practice, it’s advised to use PTFE tape (Polytetrafluoroethylene) on the thread to ensure a sealed joint for a longer period than if you were to not put one on at all.


One of the many perks of a compression fitting is the short time it takes to install/take apart the fitting. If you’re installing it for the first time, slide the fitting nut onto the pipe along with the olive ring, apply your PTFE tape around the thread and then join the fitting body to the fitting nut. Ensure it’s hand-tight before continuing to tighten further with two adjustable spanners while ensuring you don’t over-tighten it – as this will cause it to leak.


The economical benefits of compression fittings are what makes them such a preferred plumbing choice. They can be used multiple times however, it is good practice to change the compression ring for peace of mind if you ever decide to take apart the joint.


As it’s main fitting is for connecting copper pipe, compression fittings can also be applied to other types of piping such as plastic. However, you must ensure a plastic compression ring is used as the copper/brass rings aren’t designed for plastic piping.

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