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Saddle Clamp Manufacturer Introduced Various Parts of Toggle Clamp


Selecting a toggle clamp on the market is hard. There a […]

Selecting a toggle clamp on the market is hard. There are factors to take into account. Following the previous chapters would make the process easy. After that, your job does not stop there. Your next task is to know what makes the use of toggle hassle-free. Aside from understanding the steps on how to employ a toggle, getting familiar with the parts would be of great help.

Clamping Plate

Every toggle clamp has a clamping plate. This effectively works in conjunction with a work surface to hold furniture in place. This means that the plate pushes against the workpiece to hold it still during clamping. Not only can a clamping plate swivel, but it can also tilt. These features can come in handy when clamping any tapered object.

The surface of the plate is fitted with a protective and durable pad. It is packed with strong metal with plastic or rubber pad. This protects woods from indentations and other expensive damages in the future.


Another part of a toggle clamp is a screw. It connects the plate to the body. You can move or reposition the screw along the bar to place it at the maximum position. You can also adjust it vertically to modify the amount of clamping pressure.


This controls the movement of the clamping plate. This is because of the pivot point that connects both parts together. By pushing it against furniture or locking it in place, the lever can engage the clamping plate.

Pivot Point

Near the center of the clamp, a pivot point is a pin positioned. It works well as a connection between the bar and the lever. Plus, it effectively holds the clamping plate.

Pressure Adjuster

Toggles have a feature that automatically adjusts the clamp’s pressure. This allows the clamping of various sizes of the workpiece to adjust the pressure themselves. This pressure that places on furniture is consistent, whether it’s holding a large block of wood or a thin piece of paper. Whenever you wish to adjust the pressure, just tighten or loosen the screw.

Bot Holes

Last important part of a toggle clamp is its bolt holes. You can place them to fix the clamping plate any time of the day.

A toggle clamp has many parts, including bot holes, pressure adjuster, pivot point, lever, screw, and the clamping plate. And memorizing each is difficult. You don’t need to do that. A little understanding about them is enough for you to become an effective and responsible user.

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