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Plastic Fitting Factory Gives Cutting Advice


The production process of pipes introduced by plastic f […]

The production process of pipes introduced by plastic fittings factory in the F1960 Fittings production line, including the quality of shearing, may affect its application in the actual process. F1960 Fittings shearing is the basic process of manufacturing pipe parts, including pipe cutting, port shape punching, Punching and cutting etc.

Pipe cutting is a separation process of stamping processing. Compared with sheet cutting, due to its own shape characteristics, the process measures taken to prevent the tube wall from being flattened during cutting are more complicated. At the same time, the mold design and manufacturing are also proposed. Higher requirements. Compared with machine cutting, F1960 Fittings is suitable for mass production due to its fast processing speed and high production efficiency.

When installing F1960 Fittings, you must find a professional technician, and you must perform a boost test after installation. The boost test is generally carried out at 1.5 times the water pressure, and there should be no water leakage during the test. Before connecting F1960 Fittings, the pipes, fittings and ancillary equipment should be checked according to the design requirements, and the appearance should be inspected at the construction site, and they can be used only if they meet the requirements. The main inspection items include pressure rating, external surface quality, matching quality, consistency of materials, etc.

Corresponding special heating tools should be used according to different interface forms, and open flames should not be used to heat pipes and fittings. For pipes connected by welding, pipes and fittings of the same grade and material should be used. For similar performances, they must be tested before they are qualified.

F1960 Fittings and pipe fittings should be placed on the construction site for a certain period of time before being connected to make the temperature of the pipe and fittings consistent. When connecting in cold climate (below -5 degrees) and high wind conditions, protective measures should be taken or the connection process should be adjusted; the pipe end should be clean when the pipe is connected, and the pipe mouth should be temporarily blocked every time PEX Fittings Wholesale is closed. Prevent debris from entering the tube.

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