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Pe Fittings Purchase Skills Given By Plastic Fittings Factory


When purchasing Pe Fittings, plastic fittings factory s […]

  1. When purchasing Pe Fittings, plastic fittings factory suggests you to choose the pressure degree according to the current tap water pressure, generally 1.6MPA, 2.0MPA, Pe fittings pipe wall thickness is 2.3, 2.8, 3.5, 4.4MM, etc., not the higher the pressure, the greater the thickness Just fine, it's actually enough. Because the pressure of tap water as we know it is the pressurized value when it leaves the factory, the pressure will be greatly reduced if it really flows to your home. We often see ruptures of water supply pipes on roads, but it is usually not caused by too much pressure, but caused by vehicle pressure loss and aging water pipes. Generally speaking, the pipe wall of 2.3 or 2.8, 1.6MPA pressure suggested by Pe fittings Factory is enough for household use.
  2. Water pipe distributors often offer discounts, usually 6-6.5% off, etc., but it should be noted that distributors only sell water pipes at a discount, and accessories such as elbows, tees, valves, etc., are rarely discounted. Or the discount rate is lower. According to the calculation of one kitchen and one bathroom, and add a water pipe to the balcony, you can use a 15-20m water pipe at most. Even if all the hot water pipes are calculated, the market price is 14 yuan/M with a 40% discount, but the maximum is more than 200 yuan. But the joints, tees and valves would be great if they are not discounted. Water pipes and accessories are like the relationship between ham and straw, so many customers buy water pipes at discounted prices, and the total price is not much cheaper at the end. This is the reason. So be sure to ask, write it down in black and white, and agree that everything, including water pipes and accessories, is a discount before agreeing to the seller to install it. And it must be stated that the settlement is based on the actual materials used. During the construction, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the water pipes brought by the workers are short (that is, leftovers for other people's households). The work can only be started after workers' approval.

Pe Fittings should not be too many joints: the inner diameter of the pipe will be smaller if there are more heads, which increases the water resistance, resulting in a decrease in the amount of water per unit time, and more joints are prone to poor connection. Therefore, the water pipe can go straight if it can go straight, and one pipe can be one pipe. If you are not assured, you can do a closed water experiment. The pressure is 0.6MPa for 24 hours, and the pressure does not drop.

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