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Learn The Way to Use Quick Connect Fitting


The quick connect fitting comes in all different sizes […]

The quick connect fitting comes in all different sizes for all sorts of applications. When used properly thay make a very water tight seal and can be used repeatedly.

To make a connection, simply push in the tubing and the colette locking system will hold the tube firmly in place.

Start by cutting the tube end nice and square. It’s important that the outside edge is free of score marks and burrs as well as sharp edges are removed before inserting the tubing into the fitting. The fitting grips before it seals so make sure that you push the tubing in to the tube stop all the way.

The colette (gripper) has stainless steel teeth to hold the tube firmly in place while the O-ring makes sure it doesn’t leak.

Pull on the tubing to make sure that it’s secure. Be sure to test the seal before use.

To disconnect, after making sure the system is depressurized, push in the colette squarely against face of fitting. With the colette held in this position, the tube can be pulled out. This fitting can be re-used.

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