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How to Determine the Quality of PP Fitting?


Look at the appearance. If pp fitting has rough appeara […]

  1. Look at the appearance. If pp fitting has rough appearance, molding defects, incorrect color, impurities, and poor printing quality, don't use it. Products with unqualified appearance quality will affect consumers' visual experience, and at the same time, appearance is a reflection of internal quality. Products with unqualified appearance often have poor internal quality, which affects their use. Unqualified printing quality can affect the appearance in the slightest, and fade and contaminate other items.
  2. Smell the smell, the main reason for the smell of plastic products is the use of recycled materials and poor-quality additives. The pungent odor emitted by products with odors will harm the human respiratory system, so do not use them.

3. Try it yourself-some products are very bright in color in order to attract consumers' attention. Pigments of poor-quality dark products will squeeze out during use, and these pigments are generally industrial pigments. Consumers can check by themselves whether the selected dark color product is qualified: pour a little edible vinegar on the absorbent cotton ball and wipe it back and forth 100 times after touching the food surface. If the absorbent cotton ball is stained with color, the product is not qualified.

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