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Have You Ever Used Quick Connect Fittings With Gas and Air?


The term “quick-connect” simply refers to the ability t […]

The term “quick-connect” simply refers to the ability to connect tubing to a fitting very quickly. Introduced to the water treatment industry in the late seventies, and early eighties, quick-connect fittings revolutionized the way we put water equipment together. The quick-connect fitting is the fastest way to provide a water-tight connection between tubing and your water treatment applications.

Most quick connect fitting is rated to handle liquid compressed air, and gas. Some manufacturers are specific about how they rate their fittings. If they are made to handle the transport of water, they will only provide specs and ratings for that kind of application.

Quick-connects are rated for their chemical compatibility. It's very important for you to check what material fitting you use if you're running fluids with certain chemicals through them. If you run a fluid with chlorine in it through your system, you want to make sure that the plastic fitting you're using can withstand that chemical compound.

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