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Are All Plastic push fit fitting Made Equal?


In today’s plumbing arena the combined use of plastic a […]

In today’s plumbing arena the combined use of plastic and copper pipe with push fit fitting has become the ‘go-to’ option for many. However, installers need to be aware that not all products that boast push-fit technology are going to provide quality and reliability. With so many push-fit fittings out there you need to use a reputable brand with trusted and proven technology.

Engineering excellence trusted by many

Billions of connectors are used around the world, as their adaptability, longevity and high performance makes them integral components in many innovative devices serving a diverse range of industries: plumbing & heating, automotive, pubs & bars, drinks dispense, compressed air, pure water, and telecommunications.

So, whether you’re taking a shower, driving a car, making a call or enjoying a pint at your local, it’s likely you will come into contact with tried and tested Speedfit Technology.

Speedfit Technology is built into the DNA of fittings. In fact, the core technology behind a Speedfit plumbing fitting is the exact same push-fit concept used in all connections.

Fascinating Facts

Fact #1: 95% of bars use fittings in Beer Lines. Last year alone over 10 million were sold.

Fact #2: We manufacture more plastic push-fit fittings than anybody else in the world.

Fact #3: Over 1 billion automotive connectors were manufactured in the last 30 years.

Fact #4: Aston Martin, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porche, BMW and Ford are just some of the cars using JG Technology.

Fact #5: We invented the first fibre optic fitting for BT. Today they sell over 2.5 million a year.

Fact #6: The push-fit connectors are integral to many innovative devices from plumbing and heating to water purification and fuel cell systems.

Trusted by many, we are a doubt a high quality push-fit plumbing system you can rely on.


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